Using the Pantry has made it far easier, financially, as a full time student who can work only part time. It has also allowed me to stress/worry less about working enough to pay for food. I’ve also been able to eat much more healthfully as a result of the food pantry.Pantry Guest
Thank you for your interest in supporting the Pantry! Here are some of the ways you can support us!

Host a Food Drive!

You as an individual or on behalf of an organization can plan a food drive for us! It doesn't require immediate coordination with the Pantry, but please do fill out the form linked below so that we know about your efforts! Also pay attention to our current wishlist.

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Make a Monetary Donation!

Your donation will greatly support the University of Florida’s Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry and significantly impact on the lives of our students and staff. Help us purchase items in need for our guests. To make a monetary, tax-deductible gift to the Pantry, click the button below!

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Amazon Wishlist

Shop our Amazon Wishlist to help stock our shelves and enhance the daily operations of the Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry. You can easily select items from the list and ship your donation directly to the pantry’s address.

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