The Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry is intended to assist members of our campus community who experience food the date

We will not ask guests of The Pantry to verify income or need. We will trust that guests will use The Pantry only when they have a need to use the service.

We recognize that some people who use The Pantry will have a chronic need for food while others may only have a temporary need that may not be reflected in a financial statement of need.


The Pantry is committed to protecting the privacy of its guests and to providing food to those in need within our campus community.

We ask that individuals swipe their UF ID for the purpose of data collection only. This data will be used to ensure that we provide the best possible services to you and are able to maintain the necessary funding to provide this vital service. Use of The Pantry will not become part of the individual’s student or employee record nor will your identifying information be shared outside the Pantry team.

A basket will be provided for the individual to shop at The Pantry. Individuals are encouraged to take enough food to last them (and family, if applicable) approximately one week (and/or until the next time The Pantry is open).


To protect the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and guests, the Pantry has altered its operations to include pre-bagged food only. Guests may visit The Pantry any time during operating hours to pick up a pre-made bag of food, or place a customized online order using the link on the home page.


Hours of Operation

Spring 2021 (January 11th – April 30) :

Monday: 1PM – 5PM
Tuesday: 3PM – 7PM
Wednesday: 9AM – 1PM
Thursday: 3PM – 7PM
Friday: 9AM – 1PM