About the Pantry

Mission Statement: To provide safe, wholesome food, education, and connection to students and staff to build a more food secure campus community.

Vision Statement: Building a sustainable resource to improve food access and security for the UF community.

The Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry serves students, faculty, and staff experiencing food insecurity. We welcome everyone regardless of their class, race, gender, sexuality, housing status, or ability. We're never going to ask you to prove you're in need.

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How to shop:

1) Know our limits system!

Signage is posted throughout the Pantry for your reference.

...but choose your choice!

The Pantry is divided into categories based on food group. Each category has a point limit associated with it, and each item we have has a point value.

For example, Proteins has a point limit of 4. Canned black beans are worth 1 point, peanut butter is worth 2 points. You could get up to 2 peanut butters, 4 black beans, or any combination of 4 points.

2) Shop for your groceries!

Shopping baskets are available for your convenience.

...and mind the signs.

Feel free to choose within the limits provided by the Pantry. Look for signs indicating limits for vegetables and fridge items. Also look for stickers that indicate point values for each product. No sticker? The item is worth 1 point.

3) Check out with your UFID!

Don't forget to bring your Gator 1 Card!

...and weigh your basket.

Bring your basket to the check-out station. Place the vegetables you may have gotten first, then put everything else on the scale. We'll check to make sure everything is within limits and collect your UFID number. On your first visit we'll give you a canvas tote bag!

Frequently Asked Questions