Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The pantry is still open and operating to support the UF community with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Our operations have changed to accommodate new safety guidelines.
The Pantry is located on the Reitz Lawn across from the Hub and east of McCarty Hall A.
The Pantry is open to anyone with a valid UF ID, including Students, Faculty and Staff, regardless of financial background or any other factors.
Food Insecurity – the experience of not having access to nutritious food and not being unable to afford food on a given day/week/month. Often experienced for short periods of time but can also be experienced over an extended period. Food insecurity among college students can look like many things, some examples include:
• Hunger causing distraction while studying or in class
• Avoiding exercise due to lack of available calories
• Having to choose between buying textbooks and groceries while waiting on financial aid package.
• Lacking access to nutrients and healthy food
All items at the Pantry are donated and therefore we can offer all items free of cost.
The following items are available at the Pantry: non-perishable food items, toiletries, and fresh produce donated by the UF Field & Fork Farm and Gardens. Fresh produce is seasonal and therefore differs throughout the year.
USDA guidelines say that all food items marked with best by or sell by dates are safe to eat up to 3-5 years after the date listed on the package, with the exception of baby food. The Pantry distributes non-perishable food items up to 3 years past labeled dates.
Guests can visit the pantry 2 times per week or pick up a total of 2 orders per week.